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A Boutique NYC Hotel Group (eCommerce, Travel Industry) - Digital Marketing Case Study

hotel digital marketing case study


  • Increased direct conversion revenue by 40% & decreased CPC 3x times for a Boutique NYC Hotel Group (eCommerce, Travel Industry)


  • A boutique hotel group in Brooklyn, NY owns several properties in New York, ranging from 20 to 150 rooms and provides a great alternative to overly expensive Manhattan hotels with small dorm-like rooms and poor serviceĀ 
  • Most of the hotels rely on OTAs (Online Travel Agencies, such as Expedia) nowadays that charge huge commissions (up to 25% from a booking), and hotels have little control of their marketing in addition to those expenses
  • In partnership with a web development company specializing in hotel marketing, Duck Your Agency team achieved unprecedented results by increasing direct website bookings by over 40% while decreasing CPC 3x times and more results that you can see below


  • Increase direct bookings through multiple hotel website

Selected Results

  • Increased direct conversion (direct bookings) revenue by over 40% through a combination of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, On-Site Optimization, and Email Marketing
  • CPC (Cost per Click) for Google Ads campaign was decreased 3x times for strategic keywords
  • Increased website conversion rate by 18% through multiple website conversion rate optimization techniques

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