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Paid Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TicTok)

  • Paid social is an essential channel for prospecting, retargeting, and customer retention
  • Facebook and Instagram ads work great for any industry and and can reach audiences Google Ads can’t (or it’s way too expensive to reach those audiences in full via Google Non-Branded ads)
  • Pinterested is great for home decor brands, clothing and jewelry companies, and other visual brands
  • TikTok and Snapchat ads are great for reaching younger demographics
  • No matter what your situation is, we will make sure to make the most of your spend on social
  • At Duck Your Agency, we constantly monitor and optimise
  • Best performing audiences
  • Budget allocations
  • Creatives
  • Your competitors strategy
  • And more
  • For businesses with bigger budgets and more complex campaigns, we use data science to determine what worked for you in the past and capitalise on those trends by allocating budgets to the best performing audiences and creatives
  • Paid social ads for Prospecting
    • Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat ads is a great way to scale your business through hyper-targeted campaigns with much lower CPC (Cost per Click) than Google Search
  • Paid social ads for Retargeting
  • Smart social media retargeting can boost your ROAS (Return on Ads Spend) to the next level by showing different messages targeting your prospects on different stages of their journey.
  • At Duck Your Agency, we were able to increase purchases and ROAS for retargeting campaigns by 15-40% through proper optimisation and budget allocations for many businesses of different sizes and budgets
  • Paid social ads for Customer Retention
  • Paid social ads work great for customer retention and increasing LTV (Lifetime value) of your customers.

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