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Mission & Concept


  • Our mission is to make both clients and marketers much happier


  • Over 80% of brands are not completely satisfied with their marketing agency work (based onthis research the stats is above 90%(
  • Over 50% of marketers who work for agencies are not happy with their own agency or how they serve clients (here is one of the studies)


  • Duck Your Agency creates the first of its kind marketing organization that can achieve similar or better results than any top digital marketing agency. The good news is, it’s affordable, delivers the best, and gives attention to clients’ accounts
  • A marketing company that provides stellar results for clients and offers maximum satisfaction for marketers who are in partnership and creates an agile structure that can adapt to any business’s growth in no time
  • Create an agile structure that can adapt to growth of any business very quickly
  • A marketing company that is affordable by a business of any size and budget. It is structured to save marketing companies the stress of going through multiple freelance hiring websites, vetting numerous proposals, and managing contractors or agencies daily


  • What can be more effective than a traditional digital marketing agency that is cost-efficient, data-oriented, gives attention to your business, accounts, and marketing campaigns?
  • What company can provide the best digital marketing agency experience while offering reasonable, cost-effective solutions to clients, both big and small?

Duck Your Agency!

  • First anti-marketing agency digital marketing agency
  • It’s a hybrid between a traditional agency and freelance models
  • No full-time employees, no overly expensive offices, no time-waste with unnecessary bureaucratic, micromanaging, or team-building activities – we are solely focused on strategies and tactics to help you get the most on your ROI
  • Combined with agency-level strategic support, best practices, data science team support, and proprietary tactics and tools


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