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Programmatic Ads

  • Now business of any size can afford programmatic advertising only big guys were able to afford in the past
  • At Duck Your Agency We offer
  • No ridiculous minimum budgets to start
  • Advanced targeting options
    • First-party data
    • Third-party data
    • Location and content
    • And much more
  • Programmatic advertising is a great option to expand your prospecting and remarketing initiatives
  • Programmatic Ads for Prospecting
    • With advanced targeting options and ability to cover over 95% of all Internet (since we use multiple networks – not only Google) including premium placements on top websites – programmatic ads is a great tool for Prospecting campaigns for any type of business
  • Programmatic ads for Retargeting
    • Achieve even more placements than Google Display Network (GDN) can offer to get prospects who already familiar with your product or service, but still in decision making process
  • Programmatic ads for Retention
    • Motivate repeat purchases by advertising on multiple display networks covering 98% of Internet and premium placements on top websites with our programmatic ads solutions

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