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Increase Your Marketing ROI In The Most Efficient Way

By Partnering With Our Teams Of Marketing Managers, Strategists, and Analysts

Custom-Built & Managed By Us To Achieve Your Marketing Goals

  • Best Digital Marketing Talent Is Selected For Your Company
  • They Collaborate To Create The Best Strategic & Development Plans To Achieve Your Goals
  • Backed By Our Proprietary Best Practices, Analytics Tools, And Data  Science Team
  • Featuring Monthly Audits From Independent Marketing Consultants

It's Like Having Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Custom-Built For Your Business


  • Submitting dozens of RFPs, vetting agencies or contractors, and all the time and expenses associated with the process
  • Spending months looking to hire reliable marketing freelancers and managing them on a daily basis
  • Paying ridiculous digital marketing agency fees and getting little-to-no attention to your campaigns or insufficient ROI
  • Hiring full-time digital marketing managers to join your team (although we can help with that too)
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  • Over 80% of brands are not completely satisfied with their current or previous digital marketing agency
  • Over 50% of marketers are not satisfied with digital marketing agencies they work for

We Bridge That Gap And Make Everyone Happier! That's Our Mission For Duck Sake:

To Make Both Our Clients And Marketers Much More Happy!

So, How Does It Work Exactly?

  Feel The Difference From The Very First Interaction With Us

  • You Share Marketing Challenges And Goals With Us
  • We Build The Most Qualified Team From Our Pool Of Marketing Talent To Solve Those Challenges & Achieve Your Goals
  • You Get a Strategic Partnership Proposal Featuring Up To 5 Different Approaches
  • We Help You Select The Right Strategic Approach That Makes The Most Sense For Your Business
  • We Create Strategic & Development Plans Based On The Selected Approach
  • We Manage Your Marketing Campaigns And Achieve Your Goals On a Daily Basis
Tell Us About Your Business And Marketing Goals & Challenges!

 More Attention To Your Campaigns Than At Any Other Agency

  • A lead digital marketing strategist is assigned to your account. They help with top level strategy and insure everyone involved follows best digital marketing practices
  • Depending on your goals and budget, we can assign an operations and tactics manager and a few channel specialists to pay even closer attention to your campaigns on particular channels
  • We bring marketing specialists not directly involved with your account management to audit a particular part of your account/strategies on a regular basis (yes, they sign NDA)
  • All specialists involved have access to our analytics and data science team and tools, so they can spot trends and predict what will work best much faster
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Your Business Deserves Better Digital Marketing Results

Data-Driven Results

Our Marketing Strategists & Analysts Are Able To Spot More Trends Than Any Traditional Digital Marketing Agency to Improve KPIs

Stellar KPI Goal Improvements

Our Clients See a Significant Increase In Their Marketing KPI Goals Within First 3 Months

Cost-Effective Solutions

We Don’t Have Much Overhead, So We Get More Work Done For The Same Or More Affordable Investment Than You Would Have Paid to a Big & Fancy Agency

Get The Same Results For Your Business

Partnering With Us Is Like Getting The Best Of Three Worlds

Disadvantages Of Hiring Extra Full-Time Marketers

  • Cost & time of hiring process
  • Takes long time to understand if you get any ROI
  • Not enough work for a full-time employee during some months
  • Dealing with your full-time employees management
Disadvantages Of Hiring a Traditional Digital Marketing Agency
  • Not As Flexible/Agile/Fast as in-house marketing team can be
  • Takes a lot of Time & Expenses To Select Right Partnership
  • Over 80% of business owners and managers are not satisfied with their current or previous agency performance
  • Agencies That Really Know What They Are Doing Charge a Lot
Disadvantages Of Hiring Freelancers
  • Time to find experienced contractors that also know how to scale and can see bigger picture
  • Superstar contractors can be as expensive as a good digital marketing agency
  • Most of the freelancers don’t have an agency-level systems, processes, tools, and support in place – big chance of human errors

Partnering With Duck Your Agency

  • Agency-level strategic support and tools
  • More eyeballs on your account
  • Support of analytics & data science team
  • Agile & easily scalable marketing approach
  • Get the most of your management fees & marketing budget
  • More cost-effective than a traditional agency
  • Monthly audits from marketing advisors not directly related to your project
  • Transparent & easily accessible analytics, budget tracking, & reporting

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