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Digital Marketing Analytics and Data Science

  • A lot of companies don’t evaluate their digital marketing efforts properly which can lead to poor decision making, such as shutting down channels that are actually responsible for a decent chunk of your conversions or increasing budgets for channels that play only a small role on your customers’ journey to a conversion.
  • There are many things that can go wrong with digital marketing analytics, such as
  • Not having a proper attribution model
  • Determining conversion window wrong
  • Excluding or including repeat conversion
  • Not tracking phone (offline) conversion or wrongly attributing them
  • Not properly evaluating view-through conversions or not including them at all


  • At Duck Your Agency, we can help you to establish proper digital marketing analytics that will help you to determine an impact of each channel on your bottom line
  • We will build a custom dashboard tracking all your data in one place
  • We will use the latest data science to help you make the right decision along the way
  • We will implement the latest finding to your campaigns, so you will get the most ROI/ROAS for your marketing campaigns!

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