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Paid Search Ads (Google Ads, Bing Ads)

  • Paid search is one of the main revenue generators for many businesses, so it’s important to hire an experienced team to get the most of your paid search channels
  • We use the best digital marketing practices combined with our proprietary tools and techniques to get the most of Google Search Ads, Google Shopping Ads, and Bing Ads
  • We monitor and constantly optimise towards our CPA and/or ROAS goals multiple variables, such as
    • Keywords
    • Audiences
    • Creatives/copy
    • Demographics
    • Income
    • Devices
    • And more
  • We also pay attention to your competitors strategy and their best practices
  • Use the latest tools and data science to add even more value
  • Paid Search for Prospecting (Non-Branded Keywords)
  • Although a lot of businesses (especially smaller businesses with lower budgets) find it challenging to make Non-Branded Google Ads work, with a granular optimization strategy, proper analytics attribution, and understanding of LTV (lifetime value) of a customer, Duck Your Agency achieved a great ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) for multiple clients on non-branded search ads
  • Non-Branded keywords also correlate with Branded, Organic, and Direct traffic, so it’s important not to underestimate those and attribute that traffic to conversion properly


  • Paid Search for Branded Keywords
  • A lot of business overspend or under-optimise branded campaigns, since they work in most of the cases
  • At Duck Your Agency, we achieved even better results for branded search terms, through constant optimisation and campaign restructure, and understanding how branded search queries correlate with other channels
  • We were able to decrease CPA  (Cost Per Action/Ascuisition) for Branded campaigns by 20-50% for some clients

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