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Digital Marketing for Start-Ups

  • We are proud to present the same or even better level of service and attention to your digital marketing accounts to any strat-up or a small business as to the biggest guys on the market who can afford having the best marketing agencies in the world on a retainer
  • A lot of agencies say that, but it’s not always true (in fact, in most of the cases it’s the opposite of the truth), so how are we different?
  • We have a very unique system that allows us to virtually build any team of digital marketing professionals for any business of any size
  • We use a proprietary system of checks and balances to monitor your account management and minimize any human errors possible, such us:
  • Assigning a head digital marketing strategist to your account, making sure all the best digital marketing practices are followed and your accounts are being developed and checked on a regular basis
  • Conducting regular audits of strategy, tactics, and accounts itself with a help of  digital marketing specialist not directly related to your project
  • Collecting all the marketing data and systemizing it in one place, so we can see any significant changes (budget, bids, conversion etc.) right away – it also helps us to use data science to get even better results for your business
  • With our company you can use channels and strategies only bigger guys were able to afford in the past, such us
  • Advanced Google Ads and Social Media Marketing Strategies
  • Advanced programmatic advertising (with no budget minimum)
  • Using data science and predictive analytics to get the most of your budgets
  • And much more

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