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Digital Marketing Strategy and Tactics

  • Digital marketing strategy is the foundation of any successful campaign
  • A lot of organisations don’t have a top-level digital marketing strategy mapped out – they just randomly try different channels and tactics in hope that a few of those will work and it’s never a correct approach
  • Duck Your Agency strategists will review and help you set-up a better top-level digital marketing strategy that will become a foundation of any future campaigns
  • Prospecting strategy
    • Defining best keywords and audiences to target and channels to use to get maximum ROAS (Return On Ads Spend)
  • Retargeting strategy
    • Finding the best way to segment your retargeting across multiple channels
  • Customer retention
    • Analyzing best timing to show your existing customers a new marketing message
  • Audience strategy
    • Analyzing best performing audiences and what audiences you should try in the nearest future to maximise your ROAS
  • Creative strategy
    • Analyzing best performing copy and creatives, analyzing your top competitors messaging and offers, and applying that knowledge to get the most ROAS for your future campaigns
  • Competitor research
    • Creating competitor tracking roadmap and making adjustments to competitors strategy in real time
  • And more
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