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Video Ads (YouTube, Programmatic)

  • Video ads work great for retargeting and prospecting. With an advance Google targeting and our programmatic solutions, we can reach your perfect audience with a visual message and make sure get the most ROAS for your video campaigns
  • Video Ads for Prospecting
    • YouTube prospecting became more popular and you actually can see the results faster since Google improved its targeting methods. For example, you can target people who were recently searching for your target keywords online with a combination of in-market or affinity audiences and retarget users who watched over 75% of your video ad on multiple channels
  • Video Ads for Retargeting
    • Video ads for retargeting guarantee almost instant results, since nothing is better than a strong visual message for prospects who are already considering your brand
  • Video Ads for Retention
  • If you business model allows multiple purchases, video ads can be a great tool for increasing LTV (Lifetime Value) of a customer by inciting them to repeat their order with a strong visual message

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