Why “Traditional” Digital Marketing Agencies Don’t Work Anymore

Hey, my name is Sergey Izbash; I am the founder of Duck Your Agency, and below is not only my personal experience and world-view but also a view of multiple people I spoke with regarding this issue, who worked both for agencies and other brands and were in charge of marketing. Unless you are in  … Read more

Three Overlooked But Very Useful Google Ads Features

Google Ads is full of unique features and tools that can boost your campaign performance. Some of those features are not well known or highly underused. This post will show you a few underutilized Google Ads features that we frequently see when auditing client accounts.  Google Ad Customizers Add customers is a powerful Google Ads  … Read more

3 Marketing Metrics You Have To Know Before Analyzing Results Of Any Digital Marketing Campaign

If you are a digital marketing manager or a business owner trying to run digital marketing campaigns yourself – you know how frustrating it is sometimes to understand results and see a full picture (as what channels precisely are attributed to a conversion). If you look at Google Ads or Facebook ads data – sometimes  … Read more