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A Home Decor D2C (Direct-To-Consumer) Brand - Digital Marketing Case Study (eCommerce, Home & Garden Industry)

D2C home décor digital marketing case study


  • Increased ROAS 2x times for a home décor D2C brand


  • A home décor direct-to-consumer (D2C) eCommerce store based in Brooklyn, NY, reached out to Duck Your Agency to see if we can improve their paid channel acquisition and find new ways and channels to find even more customers.
  • Not only do we improved ROAS and CPA of the existing channels, but we also had a huge success with severely underutilized channels. Pinterest ads that didn’t work for them before (was used only for a general retargeting campaign) and reached the ROAS above the industry average even for prospecting campaigns on Pinterest


  • Increase sales
  • Increase ROAS

Selected Results

  • ROAS for Google Shopping and Google Search was increased 2x times 
  • Increased Pinterest Conversion Value by 6x times while maintaining a great 4x+ ROAS even for prospecting campaigns (advertising to consumers that are not familiar with the brand)
  • Found profitable prospecting audiences for Facebook ads with 3+ ROAS
  • Improved analytics and discovered profitable channels that were underestimated before and contributed much more to the conversions


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