Three Overlooked But Very Useful Google Ads Features

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Google Ads is full of unique features and tools that can boost your campaign performance. Some of those features are not well known or highly underused. This post will show you a few underutilized Google Ads features that we frequently see when auditing client accounts. 

Google Ad Customizers

Add customers is a powerful Google Ads feature that allows you to create highly relevant ads. These ads will dynamically adjust based on your customer attributes, such as their device, what they are searching for, day or time, or their location.

There are a few examples of some amazing things that you can accomplish with Google Ad Customizers:

Scenario A:

Let’s say your business:

  • Located in NYC and sells 4K TVs
  • You provide the next day delivery service anywhere in your city

Let’s say your prospective customer is

  • Typing in Google “buy 4K TV”
  • They are doing it on Monday

With a location-based ad customizer and scheduling, you can adjust you ad headlines (and the main text) to

  • Headline 1: Get Your 4K TV Delivered Tomorrow
  • Headline 2: Free Delivery in NYC this Tuesday
  • Main text: Big choice of 4K TV at 30% off. Order today and get it delivered on Tuesday, anywhere in NYC!

Now, I don’t know about yourself, but if I were looking to buy a new 4K TV and wanted free and fast delivery, and I would see this ad on a Monday, it would appeal to me 100%, and I would click on it (even if this ad wasn’t on the top of my Google search page).

Scenario B:

Let’s say you

  • Are a B2B office cleaning company
  • Your Google Ads mobile conversion rate (customers who fill out the form) is very low
  • But most of your traffic comes from mobile

Let’s say your prospective client is

  • Searching “commercial cleaning services” from their mobile phone

With a device type Google ad customizer targeting mobile users, they can see the following message:

  • Headline 1: Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Headline 2: Get 50% Off You Mobile Order Now

Customized to your potential clients’ device text can increase your mobile conversion rate in this case. To go even further, you can dynamically adjust the text on your landing page for customers from mobile using one of the growth hack tools. 

For example, if your prospects come from Google Ads and you see they are browsing your landing page from a mobile phone, you can have a notification bar on your landing page right above your lead generation form, saying something like:

  • It takes only 30 seconds to fill out the form from mobile
  • Special 50% discount to our Google mobile customers on their first order

There are many other ways to utilize Google Ad Customizers to boost CTR (Clickthrough Rate) and Conversion Rate of your Google ads, so it’s highly recommended to take a look into this feature for your other campaigns.

Google Ads Scripts

Running a Google Ads script seems scary for non-technical people; the good news is that you don’t need any coding experience or technical knowledge to run pre-existing scripts that Google has already provided.

By copying and pasting a script code from Google Ads Script Library and adjusting just a few lines in the script, you can have powerful account management and reporting tools for your account. 

Some of the scripts are useful not just for Google campaigns but for other channels as well, for example:

Mobile Page Speed Analysis Script 

It will allow you to get regular reports to alert you if any of your website pages have become too slow on mobile. Sustaining a good mobile page speed will help you acquire customers through other channels, such as organic, social, and referral traffic sources.

overlooked google ads features

Link Checker Google Ads Script

If there are any errors in your landing page URLs or other related problems where your landing pages are missing (“Page not found”) – this is a great tool to be on top of those issues and see missing pages and broken links as soon as it happens. 

useful google ads features scripts

Having enough audiences and audience bid adjustments in Google Search Ads

Many businesses tend to overlook the importance of applying In-Market and Affinity audiences to Google Search ads, analyzing their performance correctly, and adjusting bids based on that performance.

When you target highly competitive search terms, adjusting bids to your best-performing audience can improve your overall campaign performance and get you more conversions at a higher ROAS/lower CPA.

For example, if you are running a promo for some or all of your products/services in November, adding the “Black Friday Shopping” in-market audience for your search campaign (or one of the AdGroups) and increasing bids for those users can improve the performance of that AdGroup. 

Another example is selling cooking supplies, applying the “aspiring chefs” and “cooking enthusiasts,” affinity audiences can be a good choice. We saw an increase in conversions at a lower CPA for those audiences for a client in the food and beverage industry after increasing bid adjustments for those audiences. 

Have you used any or all of the Google Ads features mentioned above? Let us know what you think, and, of course, contact us if you need any help with your digital marketing strategy and management!


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